Thursday, October 11, 2012

OSB "publish" activity

Long story short, here is how I made my "publish" to work.

Assign "body" with this

<soapenv:Body xmlns:soapenv="">
    <myBizPayload xmlns="blah">
    <myBizPayload >

where <myBizPayload>...</myBizPayload> is the actual payload when you invoke your business service. You can find the biz service payload by popping up the OSB debug console on the Biz service, it will fill in a default payload for you.

Make sure you include soap <Body> as the wrapper, no more and no less. If you assign the wrong payload, OSB won't spit out a clue anywhere, it simply ignores your call and move on to the next activity!!!

Keep in mind that all variables inside "publish" block are local. You can make changes to any variable: body, inbound, outbound etc, they are all local copies. Any changes you make do not affect the variables outside "publish".

It's simple but very important to remember, you "publish" with the "body" variable. It beats why Oracle (or BEA doc for that matter) doesn't mention that anywhere. I had to figure out it trial and errors for hours: twice and a few years apart. Hence, this post. And I don't want to relearn this again.

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  1. Hi Yuvan:

    Firstly thanks for the post.

    My question is that how do you change the conetent of the "body" also i am using the "Publish" activity to send a message to queue. How the Publish activity knows, what payload need to be sent to queue. I have no idea on that.