Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Teach" JDEV where to look for MDS artifacts

A common task with JDEV is to tell it where to find the MDS connection. If JDEV fails to find MDS, then you may get errors like:

  • Error: Error in getting XML input stream: oramds:/apps/xsd/foo.xsd: oracle.mds.exception.MDSException: MDS-00054: The file to be loaded oramds:/apps/xsd/foo.xsd does not exist. 
There might be many reasons for this error. One possible reason could be that JDEV does not know where to look for MDS. JDev uses ad-config.xml to look for MDS connections.

Assume you use DB based MDS, here is how I give JDev a "jolt" and make it to learn:

1. make sure you have a DB connection points to your MDS schema, create one if needed (default schema name is "DEV-MDS")
2. make sure you have your MDS connection in the resource panel, create a new MDS connection if needed and point to your DB connection above

3. finally, create a dummy SOA project, called it "junk", "dummy" or anything, create it with a BPEL process, on the BPEL process screen do these steps:
  1) click on the search glass for input schema
  2) click on search schema in "Type Chooser" popup window
  3) click on search glass in "Import Schema File" popup window
  4) select "Resource Palette" in "SOA Resource Browser" popup window
  5) find your MDS connection, and drill down to where you stored your XSD
pick a XSD and any element, pretend you need to use it for your "junk" project input, save your project. That should do it. We just gave JDev a "jolt", it should know where to find your missing MDS artifacts now.

 Now go back and open your adf-config.xml again, you should see the file has picked up a new entry for your MDS connection.

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  1. Thanks for this blog. I was not able to resolve this error even after creating the mds connection.