Wednesday, May 15, 2013

osb/config/sessions directory

I'm working on something that i need to use WSLT to navigate the configuration MBeans on OSB.

Here is what I was doing:

connect("weblogic", "welcome1", "t3://localhost:7001")

Then i see a ton of stuff roll past the screen. They all looked like the sessions that I created while running my test script. They cluttered my screen so I can't see what i was looking for. 

I thought all of these stuff must come from some temp files under the "servers" directly like "AdminServer", "osb_server1" etc, so i blew those directories and restarted the suite, lo and behold, those sessions still show up in the wslt console.

I finally stumbled upon this directory "C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\osb\config\sessions", that's where all the garbage sessions are stored. I just blew them away. Now when i run ls() command, i can find what i was looking for.

Incidentally, i also found out the directories under "sessions" correspond to the OSB session history list when you click on "View Changes" on the top left of sbconsole. If something is changed and saved, but not committed yet, the saved changes are kept in the corresponding session directory.

A few WLST trivia:

1. by default, after you connect("weblogic", "welcome1", "t3://localhost:7001"), your pwd() shows 'serverConfig:/'

2. similarly:
  domainRuntime() - goes to 'domainRuntime:/', it is equivalent to running cd('domainRuntime:/')
  serverRuntime() - goes to 'serverRuntime:/', it is equivalent to running cd('serverRuntime:/')
  serverConfig() - goes to 'serverConfig:/', it is equivalent to running cd('serverConfig:/')
  custom() - goes to 'custom:/', it is equivalent to running cd('custom:/')

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