Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jdeveloper extension update

I always ran into issues when updating jdeveloper extensions after a fresh install. The standard steps are: Jdeveloper -> help ->  check for udpates, then select the extensions you need.

Although I don't have proxy, but a popup always asks me to use this proxy "", I uncheck proxy, the update ended up doing nothing.

It didn't help, their "official" extension center ( doesn't even have the SOA composite editor :(

Well, for today, this is how it is "working" for me: like I said, I do not use proxy from my network to internet, but after numerous failed attempts, i finally logged onto a VPN. It beats me that within the VPN, the update actually worked! Go figure! I'm logging it here, in case, I have to go through the same thing in 6 month again...

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